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Just for you


The RETURN CARD is a card issued via the or via a Customer request from an Intimissimi store found in the United States, after confirmation of the item’s return.

The RETURN CARD may be spent in installments and may be used on the Site as well as in Intimissimi stores (except at factory outlets) found in the United States, until the amount has been completely spent.

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The GIFT CARD is an innominate card issued to the bearer from our sales points; it may be used immediately upon delivery to purchase merchandise in all our stores or online.

The E-GIFT CARD is an innominate card that may be purchased online at and issued to the bearer that may be used for future purchases or to give to relatives and friends. It is sent via e-mail to the recipient indicated by the purchaser and may be used immediately upon receipt to purchase merchandise online or in our sales points (after having converted it to a physical gift card).

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