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Looking for the perfect gift? We'll help you find it with our wide selection of gift ideas for every budget!
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Gift ideas for every budget

Find the perfect gift by choosing your favorite items based on your budget.

Gift ideas for every budget

Find the perfect gift by choosing your favorite items based on your budget.

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Gifts by Budget

Looking for gift ideas for men and have a specific budget in mind? Explore Intimissimi’s gift collection by price range and get inspired to get your loved ones the most unique present to celebrate their special occasion.

Gift ideas for men under $25

Find the perfect accessory for him and stick within your budget when you browse our gifts under $25 range. Classic slippers in a checkered pattern are an ideal gift for parents any dad or mom is bound to love and pair well with any pajama combination. Spiderman or festive Scrooge slippers are the perfect gift for sons they can wear around the house to stay warm during colder nights. Intimate gift ideas for your boyfriend could be one of our boxers or briefs in various styles. Or, help him stock up on year-round essentials with our high-quality men’s T-shirts that are lightweight, breathable, and easy to pair with jeans or as an added base layer.

Gifts for him under $50

Need unique gift ideas for his special occasion? Browse our gifts under $50 to discover an array of essentials he can wear year-round. Consider one of our printed T-shirts as a gift idea for your brother. Whether they’re a Hulk fan or Marvel fan, our options allow you to choose the right one for the perfect surprise. Practical gifts for him could be one of our high-quality long-sleeve tops in warm cotton he can wear as a base layer for winter sports or pair with his favorite loungewear, keeping him warm and stylish during the coldest nights.

Gifts for him over $75

Create a unique gift for him by hand-picking sleepwear from our collection to create a personalized ensemble. Long pajama pants and a warm cotton T-shirt are the perfect upgrades to his nightly uniform. Incorporate an elegant tricot checkered robe for a thoughtful, added layer of warmth. Alternatively, consider a couple's gift idea by upgrading his nightwear to complement your sleek ensemble. Our men’s silk pajamas come in classic colors and pair well with our women’s silk sets, available in long button-down or short lace styles for a memorable couple’s gift.

Gift ideas for him under $10

Searching for a mini present to add to a set of gifts? Consider a pair of socks as a thoughtful gift under $10 that adds to the surprise. Refresh his essentials with our high-quality Egyptian cotton socks. Available in a range of darker colors, he can easily pair them with his work attire or casualwear on the weekends. Browse our gifts by budget pages for ideas organized by price, and explore the entire men’s collection for further inspiration.

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