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Robes / Kimonos

A symbol of sophistication, dressing gowns are an effortless way to elevate your nightwear look!

How to tie a robe

To tie a silk robe, first cross one side of the robe over the other to create a warm and snug cocoon that doesn’t leave your front exposed. Then proceed to use the strap, to tie a bow at the front to keep the bathrobe closed. Be sure to tie a bow instead of a knot, to make for easy opening and closing. Feel free to also wear the robe open if you prefer to show off your flirty lingerie or nightdress.

What is a dressing gown?

A women’s dressing gown is a type of casual outerwear that is typically worn inside the home as a form of loungewear. Dressing gowns are great for providing you with warmth and extra coverage. Slip into your gown when you wake up to stay as cozy as you were in bed. When getting out of the shower, if your robe is made from terry cloth or cotton there is no need to dry off, instead, put on your robe to dry off as you get dressed.

How to fold a robe

First, lay the bathrobe face down, ensuring to smooth out any creases. Fold both the arms and then the side edges inwards to create an orderly column. Now, you can fold the robe into thirds to make for easy storage. For when the dressing gown is in use, we recommend hanging it on a hook that is somewhere close by so that it is easy to slip in and out of.

How to wear a robe

Wear our satin robes for women paired with our silk and lace fineries to create a look that is sweet and sensual. Silk kimono robes, which are luxurious in their appearance, can easily be worn at home and outside. Style your silk robe with blue jeans and a t-shirt to elevate a simple look into an elegant outfit. Or wear it with sleepwear to lounge in luxury!

Robes / Kimonos

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