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A Smarter Way to Gift


SmartGift is a service that helps you find the perfect gift for any occasion. By sending your gift via the SmartGift platform, the recipient will have the ability to choose the color and size of the gift selected for them, or even to exchange the gift for an item within a similar price range.

How It Works:




Select one or more items you want to gift from our site and add them to your SmartGift cart.




When you are ready to gift, we will provide you a gift link immediately on site that you can send to the receipient. Or, you can send directly to their email or share via Facebook messenger.




The recipient of your gift can instantly preview the gift and accept it without modification. Or, they can change the color and/or size, or even choose another product of similar price. Once checked, the gift can be accepted by the recipient.




Only when the recipient of the gift confirms it will you be able to proceed with the payment of the gift. Once you have made the payment, the gift will be sent to the recipient at the address confirmed by them. If the gift link is not accepted within 90 days, it will expire.

SmartGift FAQs

Gift card
  • What is Smart Gifting and how does it work?

    Smart Gifting is a service that helps you give the perfect gift every time. By sending your gift with SmartGift, the recipient will have the possibility to personalize the color or size of your gift, swap it with an item within a certain price range or accept the original gift that you sent, all before any payment is made.

  • Can the gift recipient choose a more expensive item?

    The gift recipient will have the possibility to swap the item(s) for different item(s) of equal or lesser value to the one(s) that you chose. They will also have the possibility to accept the gift that you originally sent or change its color and/or size (if applicable).

  • When do I pay?

    After the gift recipient accepts their ideal gift, you will be notified via email that your gift is ready for purchase. There is no fee for using the SmartGift service.

  • When will the gift be shipped?

    The gift will be shipped after the gift sender completes the payment of the selected gift. An email confirming that the purchase has been completed will be sent to the gift recipient within 48 hours.

  • Can the gift recipient return the gifted items after they are delivered?

    Of course, they can return the gift if it doesn't meet their expectations. You can find out more in our Returns section. Please note that the refund can only be issued to the person who placed the order and paid for it.

  • Still have questions?

    No problem! For any information contact our Customer Service. Please include your questions or a brief description of the issue.

Gift Wrap
  • Can I purchase my order with a gift wrap?

    Yes, Intimissimi offers gift wrapping for purchase. In the final stage of your purchase, you can choose which items to include in a pre-made gift box or if you would like to receive the gift kit to proceed with the DIY package.

  • Can I place a single order with multiple gift-wrapped products?

    While placing your order, you can choose which items to put in the gift box. However, it is not possible to select more than one gift box per order. To include other items in another gift box, we recommend placing a new order. In any case, you can add the DIY kit option (Self Kit to package items at home) and add the required amount to the items you want to package. We remind you that you can choose the Gift wrapping option and add the DIY kit to the same order.

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