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Intimissimi women’s pajamas are the perfect solution for a chic, refined and fashionable style that doesn't compromise on comfort or quality. Choose the ones that suit you best from among different designs, fabrics, and patterns!

Are silk pajamas warm?

Intimissimi women’s pajamas are noted to be extremely soft and cozy, thanks to our quality fabrics. This is why we offer a silk collection, dedicated to the soft and silky natural fiber. As a natural insulator, silk women’s pajamas are great all year round thanks to their ability to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Light and airy, silk is breathable and great for your skin. Wash your silk women’s pajama sets on a delicate cycle or hand wash them for best results.

What are thermal pajamas?

Thermal PJs are designed for warmth in the colder seasons. These pajamas are made from thicker and insulating materials such as fleece and flannel. Our warm pajamas for women are offered in long styles that consist of a long sleeve top and full length bottom for maximum comfort. Wash your flannel women’s pajamas on a low heat setting to ensure they don’t shrink. In the summer, opt instead for short pajamas or nightgowns for a refreshing sleep.

How often should you change your pajamas?

Pajamas for women should be washed after every three to four nights of wearing them. This will help guarantee that you are sleeping in a clean and hygienic environment. Wash your PJs even more frequently if you are wearing them without panties underneath. Every woman should own at least six pairs of pajamas so that in the summer and winter seasons she has enough seasonal pairs to wear while some are in the wash.

Are you supposed to wear underwear under pajamas?

Wearing underwear under your women’s pajamas is optional. If you do choose to do so, combine your women’s pajama sets with our lingerie, bras, panties, and camisoles, which are offered in coordinating colors and styles. Have fun mixing and matching with all the other nightwear items for a trendy and feminine Intimissimi total look!


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