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Discover the variety of panties from the invisible line. Comfortable and in-style, you will find several designs including classic panties, boyshorts, Brazilians, in different shades and fabrics.


Invisible panties are seamless and have raw edges. You will find them in lightweight and comfortable fabrics, in cotton and light microfiber, some embellished with lace trim. The colors range from more neutral whites and nudes to livelier hues.

How to wear invisible panties

Invisible panties can be worn with any type of pants or dress, even the tightest styles, without unpleasant panty lines.

Which design to choose

Can’t decide which design to choose? Base your decision on your outfit! Whether you want to wear a short and tight dress or a pair of jeans or pants, there is an invisible panty that best suits your clothing.

How to mix and match them

Invisible panties go well with invisible bras to have an intimate invisible total look that goes unnoticed. Choose the right color based on the clothes you want to wear: with dark and thick pieces indulge in colors, otherwise opt for neutral tones.


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