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Invisible bras are perfect to improve the fit of any dress. They adhere to the skin and guarantee support and firmness, without leaving unpleasant bra lines.


With or without an underwire, these bras use soft tulle effect fabrics and are seamless. Adjustable straps offer optimal support and guarantee adherence under specific garments. Silicone cups and pasties are perfect for sheer dresses or those with deep front or back necklines.

How to wear them

Invisible bras are ideal if worn under tight dresses or with particular types of necklines. Thanks to their lightweight fabrics or adhesive applications, they guarantee comfort and security.

Which design to choose

If you wish to wear a dress with an open back, you may opt for the stay-up design with adhesive cups to guarantee support. If instead you have a dress with a plunging front neckline or in sheer fabric, choose the silicone pasties, which are practically invisible. For more individualized garments or athletic wear, you may opt for invisible touch bras with adjustable straps.

How to mix and match them

Invisible bras go well with invisible panties to complete your look. To choose the right colors based on your outfit: with dark and thick clothing opt for a dark hue, otherwise choose a neutral tone.


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