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Intimissimi goes green

Recycling pays

Calzedonia, an environmentally conscious Company, in cooperation with I:CO gives new life to your unwanted clothes by reusing materials to create new products.
Come and visit us at one of our “Intimissimi” stores and simply put your unwanted clothes, of any brand, in the I:CO container.
For each 5 articles of clothing deposited, you will receive a voucher of $10, no purchase necessary for My Intimissimi card members only.

Items accepted:
Women or men’s knitwear
Women or men’s pajamas
Women or men’s underwear

Each voucher can be used until December 31, 2019 and can be used in any Intimissimi shop in USA. Voucher refunds are not allowed. Multiple vouchers can be used together, so if you have more than one voucher, you can combine them to contribute towards a single purchase.


To redeem the voucher, the receipt must have a minimum value of $50 (full price items only. Promotions excluded) Example (prices are subject to change):

Total receipt value $59:
- $ 42 is for full price articles
- $ 12 is for other promotions
- $ 5 is for articles on sale

The amount to be considered for the calculation of 20% is only $42 (the 20% is $8.40).
Vouchers have to be redeemed for the entire value and in one single transaction. It won’t be possible to accept vouchers whose amount exceeds the value of the maximum deduction of 20%.
In the above example (maximum deduction $8.40) the $10 voucher cannot be used. The voucher can be used with a minimum value of $50 Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with discount cards.
The initiative will take place starting July 22, 2019 until November 30, 2019.

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