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Our collection and sustainable fibers

We are constantly engaged in research and development of our collections. The entire process of designing them takes place internally. The choice of materials is defined during the development phases of the collection by the style offices and produced on the basis of stylistic and qualitative considerations , cost strategies and production capacities.
We are moving towards the selection and use of fabrics that come from sustainable supply chains. This is why raw materials are carefully selected, preferring those with a lower environmental impact wherever possible.

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Collaborations and techniques for a more sustainable future

Vegetable tinctures/dyes

Some of our laces, in addition to being made with regenerated yarns, have undergone a specific dyeing procedure that allows them to be colored using pigments deriving from certain plants or vegetable elements, such as chestnut and chlorophyll.
With a view to sustainable development and respect for the environment, this procedure provides, among other things, a considerable saving of water and particular attention to the finishing phase through the use of natural softeners.



Seacell fiber is a sustainable fiber from both an ethical and an environmental point of view. It is produced exclusively with renewable raw materials: wood, from which modal by Lenzing derives, and seaweed. The seaweed harvest itself takes place in a non-aggressive way: only the part that is able to regenerate is taken from the underwater plant.

MODAL by Lenzing Modal by Lenzing is an artificial textile fiber of natural origin, belonging to the viscose family. It is obtained from the spinning of cellulose extracted from beech trees and is characterized by extreme softness to the touch, resistance and brilliance. The manufacturer Lenzing certifies the entire production chain and guarantees that the beech wood used for the production comes from Austrian forests and several neighboring European countries where no chemicals are used and the regeneration of resources is guaranteed. With this fiber we produce part of our Modal collection.


Bamboo viscose

Bamboo is an evergreen plant from which it is possible to obtain bamboo fiber, an artificial viscose of natural origin. Compared to other trees, the use of bamboo requires fewer natural resources because its growth takes place quickly in dense forests and without the need for pesticides and fertilizers.

Q-NOVA® is a low environmental impact fiber obtained with regenerated raw materials that responds to precise traceability needs. It is a highly ecological product that aims to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, a lower consumption of water resources and the use of energy from renewable sources. Part of our lace is made with Q-NOVA® fiber.


Part of the silk we use comes from Bluesign®certified suppliers .
This innovative system reduces the environmental impact on the entire textile chain, guaranteeing the saving of energy resources, consumer safety, the reduction of water consumption and the reduction of toxic emissions into the air thanks to the elimination of substances potentially harmful.

Being sustainable also means knowing how to take care of your clothes.

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