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The basic collection offers a vast range of underwear and tops suited to any time of the day. Garments with a classic allure that no women's wardrobe or underwear drawer should be without. Pretty pastels, but also natural neutrals such as black, grey and white, so that you can easily find the right piece and always look your best. Discover the whole range of basic bras and find your favourite. A slew of comfortable everyday cotton and microfibre underwear, but also a huge array of lacy items creating a sensual detail under any outfit. Great attention has been paid during the construction and design process so that all of our basic bras strike a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. Intimissimi knows that every woman's breasts are different and it strives to ensure that there is more than one style to anticipate her desires. For a woman�s bra to fit adequately and feel good, it must have comfortable shoulder straps, underwiring, reinforcement and cups which give perfect coverage and support without crushing the bust or irritating the skin. This is why Intimissimi meticulously studies every single item, ensuring each customer has a vast array to choose from. The basic collection also includes a huge line-up of bottoms, offering a broad choice of styles and fibres. Culottes, Brazilians and panties are available in microfibre, cotton and lace, either high-waisted or low on the hip and suitable for any needs. A series of advanced techniques, such as no-sew bonding or laser cutting, are used for seamless designs which show no panty line and lie flat against the skin. And it doesn't stop at underwear. Intimissimi has a vast line-up of tops, offering something for everyone and covering all possible bases. Silk, lace, satin, cotton, microfibre, modal, viscose and cashmere in basic and classic styles, often embellished with lace frills and distinctive details, putting each item in a class of its own.

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