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2022 Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index

Thanks to the public disclosure of our social-environmental policies, practices and impacts we are now in the top 20 companies with the highest rate.

The Index measures the transparency of the information about supply chain, human and environmental rights, through 246 indicators.

We reached the score of 54%, determined by 5 Index parameters :

1. Policy & commitments
2. Governance
3. Traceability
4. Know, show & fix
5. Spotlight issues


Did you know that 98% of our garments are made in 22 factories we own?

Thanks to the internal management of the production process, we can maintain the control over the different stages of the production chain.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to share precise information about the origin of our products in total transparency. On the product page of each product, there is a special section called "traceability", containing the details of the production plant where the garment was made.

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Intimissimi wants to discourage the use of disposable, single-use packaging completely.
In each store it is possible to buy reusable canvas bags, for a more sustainable future.

Alternatively, FSC-certified and recycled paper shopping bags are available to be purchased at a very small symbolic sale price.

The revenues coming from the sale of paper shopping bags is funding reforestation projects for over 1 million trees in different areas of the world.

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We love the environment as much as you do and we are committed to ecology.

In 2020, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of collaboration with I: CO. I: CO allows us to give new life to your used garments, reusing fabrics to create new products.

In 2019 we collected over 7 million items.


Why do we promote reforestation projects?

Forests are essential for the protection and prosperity of biodiversity (variety of living species) in the world, moreover, trees perform a very important function of storing CO2 while carrying out photosynthesis. Through this chemical process, CO2 is stored in their wood.
These gases remain trapped in the wood even if the plant is dead, so the use of wood in construction and furniture is good for the environment if it comes from certified forests!

Why shouldn't trees be burned?

Even if dead, the trees should not be burned as they would release the carbon dioxide they stored during their life back into the atmosphere.

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