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Cotton is a vegetable fibre produced from the plant of the same name. It is soft, smooth and light and is particularly suitable for being worn against the skin. It absorbs well, doesn't irritate the skin or cause allergies.

Organic cotton

"Organic" cotton used in some Intimissimi basic products is made from certified organic yarns, spun, woven and finished using processes which leave the lowest possible impact on the fibre and on the environment. No aggressive chemicals are used, so it retains all its natural qualities. This means that some natural imperfections and slight colour differences may be seen on the finished garments.

Natural cotton

Natural Cotton used in intimissimi is made from high quality threads which provide its soft elegance.


Microfibre is obtained from synthetic fibres, generally a combination of polyamide and elastane. Microfibre is a highly technological fabric. Its tight but lightweight weave makes it extremely breathable and protective against the elements and cold weather.


Viscose is an artificial fibre produced from cellulose. It is silky soft to touch and provides the comfort that is typical of vegetable fibres. It is wear-resistant, absorbent and doesn't irritate skin.


Modal is an artificial fibre produced from cellulose. It is hard-wearing and soft and has an elegant sheen.


Micromodal has the same characteristics as modal, but has a finer weave making it breathable, soft and extremely elastic.


Silk is an animal fibre produced by silk worms. It has a unique sheen and easily absorbs the nuances from rich-coloured dyes. Silk thread is extremely elastic, giving the fabric its unusual strength. It is hypoallergenic, retains body heat and is cool even in hot weather. It absorbs moisture, and doesn't irritate the skin.


Habotai silk is a simple, light, soft fabric. Its lightness, softness and natural sheen are ideal for small details in knitwear and dresses.


Satin is a fine, smooth, shiny fabric. It is usually produced from silk, but can also be made from artificial or synthetic fibres.


Lace is achieved through a special process, which produces a lightweight yet elegant and ornate decorative fabric.


Tulle is created by weaving threads to create a see-through yet stable mesh. It can be made from various materials to produce different characteristics, softness or stiffness: e.g. natural fibres such as cotton, silk and/or synthetics like nylon polyester.


Macramé is a form of weaving using knots. Many different kinds of threads can be used in the weave. Macramé is used to provide decorative details in knitwear and dresses.


Wool is a warm animal fibre, which provides excellent insulation. Finer, wavy yarns provide greater insulation. Wool fibre is elastic and extremely resistant to wear.

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