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At last, our favourite bras are presented in a single guide so you can discover their secrets and distinctive features.
Discover the right shape and style for every occasion.

Triangle bras

Plunge style bra with triangular cups and no seams. Provides light support making it suitable for small and firm busts.

Tip: Wear this if you want light support and minimalist style. GO TO TRIANGLE BRAS

Deep-cut bras which enhance the neckline and are wired to lift the bust. Cup may be seamed or seamless. Suitable for all busts, but particularly loved by women who don't like too much padding. Classic "spectacle-shape".

Tip: Wear this if you have a generous bust to achieve a natural shape and support GO TO BALCONETTE BRAS
Push-up and super push-up (wired)

Bras with special angled cups and wire further up the side of the cup. Enhances the bust by lifting and pushing it towards the centre of the chest. Greater volume is achieved through padding. May be seamed or seamless. Slightly padded or with super padding.

Tip: Wear this kind of bra if you want to show off your neckline and create volume. GO TO PUSH-UP BRAS
push-up bra (no wiring)

This bra has a special internal structure replacing the wire at the centre. Enhances the bust by lifting and pushing it towards the centre of the chest. Greater volume is achieved through padding.

Tip: Wear this bra if you want to create the illusion of a bigger bust without the restriction of wiring. GO TO PUSH-UP BRAS
Bandeau (wired)

Strapless bra which may have padded cups, wiring and side boning to provide greater support, or non-padded with internal wire support. Inside edge with silicon elastic to ensure adherence.

Tip: Wear this if you're wearing a sleeveless dress with low neckline. GO TO BANDEAU
Bandeau (non-wired)

Low-neck, padded bandeau, seamless and non-wired. The special "shell" structure inside the bra, supports and holds the bust firmly. Wide silicone underband to ensure excellent support.

Tip: Wear this if you're wearing a sleeveless dress with low neckline. GO TO BANDEAU

Lower underwear

Comfortable, Sensual or minimalist? Now you can choose the right shape and style lower underwear for any occasion.


Slightly high cut, may have varying side and waist measurements: low medium, high. The rear part of the garment covers the buttocks. Intimissimi also offers the laser-cut leg, even more discreet under figure-hugging clothes.

Tip: Wear these to feel comfortable and unrestricted. GO TO PANTIES
French knickers

Covers both buttocks and hips, may model slightly or cover, depending on fabric used. May be high, medium or low-waisted.

Tip: Good sports briefs as they adjust to your movements. GO TO FRENCH KNICKERS
Thongs and brazilian cut

Front section similar to briefs with tiny rear section leaving buttocks uncovered. May be high, medium or low-waisted. The Brazilian Cut model has a wider rear section than the thong.

Tip: Wear this under tight-fitting clothes. GO TO THONGS



Slips may be cut simple with underbust stitching or feature a wired or padded bra. They come in varying lengths: below the buttocks (baby-doll), knee-length, calf-length or ankle-length.

Tip: Wear under dresses or use as a nightgown on hot summer nights. GO TO SLIPS

Long bodice featuring a garter belt that may include hooks or zip rear closure. Supports the torso and top part of the hips with an elegant interplay of stiff and elastic fabrics. The internal boning shapes the body and the wiring supports the bust. Cups may be padded or non-padded and garter belts are adjustable.

Tip: Wear under clothes that are not too tight or too short. Great for when you want to add a sexy flare to your outfit. SHOP CORSETS
Garter belts

Sexy belt that sits around the waist with rear hook closures. Featuring 4 adjustable elastic fasteners which support thigh-high stockings.

Tip: Wear when you would like added support to keep your stockings up. SHOP SUSPENDERS

This elastic band is usually made from lace and is just a few centimetres wide. Originally used to hold up stockings, the garter is now a glamorous symbol of good luck for newly wed brides.

Tip: Wear when you want to be daring. SHOP GARTERS

All of our bodysuits feature simple design to gently hug the body. You can find all in one or with buttons for easy wear.

Tip: Wear this when you want to feel sexy, without exposing your midriff. SHOP BODYSUITS

Men's underwear

Men's underwear from the Intimissimi collection. Comfort and style perfect for any occasion.


Intimissimi briefs have classic lines with medium-cut waist and slightly high-cut legs. May have covered or visible elastic. Most of our briefs are made of elastane cotton, which is ideal for everyday wear.

Tip: Sports enthusiasts should wear microfiber briefs for breathability and excellent support. SHOP BRIEFS

Intimissimi boxers may be soft long-length shorts or slightly shorter with closer fitting leg. The elastic waist may be covered or visible. Sports enthusiasts should wear microfiber boxers for breathability and excellent support.

Tip: Elastic cotton boxers are perfect under your everyday outfits.


V-neck t-shirt

Intimissimi offers a wide range of T-shirts suitable for any occasion. Check out our V-neck cotton jersey T-shirt for greater comfort.

Tip: Perfect for wearing as an undershirt, or as a casual look with jeans. SHOP V-NECK T-SHIRTS
Crew-neck t-shirt

Crew-neck T-shirts are a timeless piece that every man should own. Intimissimi has jersey cotton or micromodal styles, soft and breathable, making them perfect for sports and workouts.

Tip: A versatile style that can be worn as an undershirt, while working out or relaxing at home. SHOP CREW-NECK T-SHIRTS
Long sleeve t-shirts

Long-sleeve T-shirts are great to wear on their own or with a jacket for that smart but casual look. Available in elegant elastic cotton or micromodal.

Tip: micromodal is great if you are looking for excellent softness, comfort and breathability. SHOP LONG-SLEEVE T-SHIRTS
Tank tops

We offer several types of tank tops: V-neck, sleeveless, ribbed rowing and elastic cotton. You can find styles that are perfect for summer, wearing on a night out, for sports or as undershirts.

Tip: Multiuse and perfect for any situation. SHOP TANK TOPS
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