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People are our greatest asset, so we make sure that we guarantee our employees an optimal working environment.
We are aware that a more equitable and lasting economic and social development also passes through the sharing of know-how and for this reason we strive to ensure that it becomes the heritage of our people and the communities in which they live, not only of our companies.

Well aware of the importance of our resources for thirty years, we have been working in terms of corporate welfare: the construction of companies based on the well-being of people, the services provided to collaborators for a better quality of life, the installation of modern and respectful systems the environment, the installation of energy saving systems, the financing of the San Zeno Foundation (which since 1999 has financed more than 1300 study , training and work projects all over the world), attention to local communities, creation of the first kindergartens in 2001, recycling campaigns in stores launched from 2009 ...

Up to now, we have 38.010 employees worldwide and 91% are women.
At managerial level, women hold 56% of the positions.

Particular attention is paid to the empowerment and emancipation of our collaborators in countries where women suffer greater discrimination.


Who we work with for a more sustainable future

This reason has prompted the Group to organize its first" Women's Empowerment event "for the world of production.
In 2019, ten colleagues from Sri Lanka, chosen for their company history, their goals, but above all and passion, were invited to Italy to live a unique experience.
During this trip they had the opportunity to visit the country, our head quarter and to attend #intimissimishow.

Intimissimi Uomo has always offered its contribution to the communities in which it operates.
Through the use of corporate resources, the Group offers its contribution in support of social, sports, cultural, welfare and even small public works, always guaranteeing the principle of transparency.

We promoted some assistance and solidarity interventions by supporting projects in favor of the protection of human health, such as open hospital initiatives, research support for the fight against breast cancer, support to associations they deal with the assistance of young people in difficulty and the defense of women.

We know how water is a vital resource, we have implemented practices for years to limit the impact on production activities as much as possible. By virtue of more, we have developed systems to distribute drinking water to employees free of charge, especially in geographical areas where access to water is conditioned by situations of water scarcity or infrastructure deficiencies.


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