Intimissimi is committed to follow and join different projects in the context of sustainability


2022 Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index

Thanks to the high amount of information we publicly disclose, we are ranked 9th in the world overview for the year 2023.
The FTI, designed by Fashion Revolution, is an index consisting of around 250 indicators analysing publicly disclosed information. We achieved a score of 63% in the following categories:

  • Spotlight issues
  • Know, show and fix
  • Traceability
  • Governance
  • Policies and commitments


We love the environment as much as you do and are committed to ecology. Since 2011, we have been working with various partners to give your used garments a new life by reusing textiles to create new products.
Since the campaign began, we have collected more than 8.7 million kilos of garments.


Starting in 2021, we have initiated a project to plant more than 1 million trees in order to at least partially offset our CO2 emissions. The 545 thousand trees planted during 2021 will be joined by a further 240 thousand plants in the Uruguayan prairies, lands disrupted by 300 years of exploitation.


In 2020, we collaborated with Treedom to create the first Intimissimi forest in 7 different countries. This allowed us not only to contribute to the absorption of CO2e emissions, but also to concretely help the local communities where these forests are located.

In total, we planted 48 thousand trees, with the aim of absorbing 5,155.55 tonnes of Co2e.

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Interesting facts

Forests are indispensable for the preservation of the world's biodiversity. In addition to ensuring the prosperity of the variety of living species, they perform the very important function of storing CO2 during photosynthesis activity. The surprising detail is that the gases remain trapped in the bark of the tree even after its death, which is why using wood in construction and furniture from certified forests is a virtuous action. ...but beware! Also for this reason, trees should not be burnt. Starting a fire means releasing into the atmosphere all the carbon dioxide stored during its lifetime.

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