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The short and leggy fit of a nightdress for women is a symbol of seduction and femininity. Rest peacefully in this loose-fitting and comfortable nightwear garment!

​​What is a nightgown?

A nightdress for women is a style of dress to be worn as nightwear. Falling to the middle of your thighs, your nightgown helps keep you cool in the summer by keeping more of your body exposed. Offered in sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved models you are sure to find a style you love! All these fabulous designs are offered in quality materials such as cotton and silk to guarantee a good night's sleep.

How to wear a nighty

Wear your nightdress as you would any other piece of women’s sleepwear. Slip it on in the evening to wear as pajamas, or throw it on for lounging around the house. Style your nighty with our soft and silky bodysuits and lingerie. Your head-to-toe Intimissimi look will create a divine and sensual appearance!

How to organize nightgowns

We recommend storing your nightdresses with your other sleepwear, instead of with your daytime dresses. This will add simplicity and structure to your night-time routine. Either fold the nightgown in the usual manner, or hang it up instead, to avoid creasing. Be sure to wash your nighties after every 3-4 wears to keep them in pristine condition!

How to choose a nighty size

To find the perfect nightie for you, simply take the measurements of your chest, waist, and hips. Your dimensions on your sizing guide will direct you to the correct size for you. It’s important that you purchase the correct size so that nothing is standing between you and a quality night's rest. Follow the same process with all our other pyjamas and negligees to get it right every time!


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