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Suspender Belts and Garter Belts

Whether you are looking for an accessory for practicality or an added touch of glam, Intimissimi has everything you need with our women's suspenders. Choose a garter belt to help keep your stockings up and for stylish ease of movement.

What is a garter?

Discover our sensual selection of garter belts to find the perfect accessory you can both use for practicality or to fashionably elevate your outfits. Our garters and suspenders are made to be worn around your waist to ensure your socks or stockings are kept up. A women’s suspender belt has secure fastenings and straps hanging down you can attach to the tops of your thigh highs. They are the perfect accessory to embellish any outfit and are available in a range of intricate designs, fabrics and colours.

How to wear women's suspenders

No matter what look you are after, Intimissimi has got you covered with our assortment of women’s suspenders. If you are looking to curate a cohesive and romantic underwear pairing, decide to combine our lace suspenders with a matching pair of knickers and select from g-strings, Brazilian briefs and knickers made from lace. Complete your outfit with an elegant bra and choose your favourite style. If you desire an extra finishing touch to your most alluring looks, throw on a chic robe or kimono over your lingerie suspenders.

What are women's suspenders used for?

Garters are mostly worn at weddings by brides to keep their stockings up, but now they are typically worn more for fashion and less for function. Add a touch of tradition to your special day by choosing to wear a lace garter and discover our complete bridal collection to find the perfect accessories fit for any bride. However, you don’t need to be getting married to enjoy the benefits of our women’s garters as they can be incorporated into any outfit.

How to put on women’s suspenders

Garter suspenders look astonishing on all women and are easy to put on. Similar to a bra, they have hooks in the back which allow them to fasten around your waist and then you can adjust to your preferred length to hook onto your stockings. If you desire an ethereal styling, our collection of suspenders and garters combine perfectly with our slips and babydolls. Have a look at our complete selection of lingerie and find wardrobe essentials and accessories online today.

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