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Ultralight with Cashmere

Ultralight cashmere garments in soft fabrics

Discover ultimate comfort with Intimissimi's selection of ultralight cashmere garments featuring a variety of unique styles and colours to choose from. Our ultralight cashmere fabric is designed to provide an unmatched lightweight feel that feels soft and comfortable against the skin. Shop Intimissimi and discover your new favourite wardrobe essentials with our ultralight cashmere knitwear collection.

Cashmere knitwear in gorgeous colours

Find our ultralight cashmere knitwear in a broad colour palette featuring flattering shades such as intense blues, classic black and evergreen. Add a splash of vibrant colour into your wardrobe with bold hues such as mint, pink and flame scarlet. Personalise your Intimissimi ultralight cashmere garments with extra embellishments with our unique personalization feature and adorn your initials onto your outfit for a unique flare.

How to style your ultralight cashmere garments

Our gorgeous collection of women's ultralight cashmere garments features various flattering and lightweight items. Check out our long-sleeve tops made with high-quality fabrics and flattering styles you can wear on its own in hotter months or layer with a flattering cardigan. Get the perfect outfit for a girl's night and choose one of our ultralight cashmere bodysuits for an unmatched look to emphasise your femininity.

Ultralight cashmere versatile for a variety of seasons

Stay stylish in many climates with our beautiful ultralight cashmere knitwear garments. If you want to stay stylish and cosy during the year's colder months, browse our women's cashmere jumpers available in a range of vibrant shades. For an option that will keep you cool and comfortable in warmer climates, explore our lightweight cashmere tops. Alternatively, check out our women's cashmere turtleneck for a refined office look to keep you cosy with an element of sophisticated style.

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