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Men's socks

Don’t let a detail like wearing the wrong socks ruin your outfit. Whether you’re classic or quirky, Intimissimi’s wide selection offers men’s socks for all walks of life. Elegant and breathable, our socks are what you and your feet deserve.


Your socks are a subtle way to express who you are, whether you’re the fun-loving barista or the serious businessman. Neutral colors such as grey and black are suitable for all occasions and are sure to match your current wardrobe. From stripes to polka dots or fun motifs, the wide range of colors and patterns will ensure that you can find socks that reflect you the most!


Supima cotton socks ensure that you and your feet enjoy the best. The high percentage of cotton prevents excessive sweating and, compared to synthetic materials is more efficient at wicking away moisture. These high-quality materials ensure long-lasting comfort and security. So, whether you’re on your feet all day or sitting at a desk, your socks have your back (and your feet)!


You don’t only wear one type of shoe, so our collection has more than one type of sock! Our socks for men include long socks, sports socks, ankle socks, and short socks. While some are made to be seen, others are made to be secret, so that when you’re wearing low shoes such as loafers your socks don’t show. High socks on the other hand are great for boots to keep your legs warm and avoid chafing. And for trainers? Sport socks are the ideal choice!


Unsure of how to pair your socks if you’re wearing a different colored shirt, pants, shoes, and tie? When in doubt pair your suit socks to the color of your pants, so that they seamlessly blend in. The wide range of colors offered by Intimissimi ensures that you will never be guilty of committing a fashion faux pas.


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