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We want to share with you the actions that we are undertaking due to the current situation and the temporary closure of our stores.


Our shipments don't stop, they just slow down a little. Because of the contingent problems related to the Covid-19 emergency, our orders will experience a few delays in order to ensure the safety of our logistics teams. We will do our best to resolve these quickly and ensure you have the best possible service and the best experience when shopping with us.

Free shipping *

At the moment the delivery of orders to and from our shops is suspended, for this reason the home delivery is always free until 03 May included.

Safe preparation and delivery of your order

We want to reassure you that both during the preparation of orders, and during delivery, we are adapting our procedures to guarantee the safety of our employees and our community.

Payment upon shipment of the order

We remind you that when you check-out, the charge will initially be committed to your credit card, but only after the shipping confirmation will it be physically deducted from your account.

Free and extended returns

We have extended the time for returning orders online to 60 days.

Pending withdrawal

If you have an order waiting to be picked up at a physical store or collection point, it will stay put until you are ready to pick it up.

Customer service for you

Our customer service continues to stay by your side to resolve all your doubts and answer all your questions. We just ask for your patience as waiting times may be slightly longer due to the current situation.

In a time so difficult for everyone, we thank you for your understanding and for being part of our family.
We are waiting for you on our website and hope you will follow us on our social networks!

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