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Invisible touch


The invisible knickers are seamless, with unfinished edges. They come in light, comfortable fabrics such as cotton and microfibre, with lace details on some models. The colours vary from neutral whites and nudes to bolder tones.

How to wear the invisible knickers

The invisible knickers can be worn with any type of trousers or dress, even the most tight-fitting, without leaving any trace.

Which model to choose

Unsure about which model to choose? It depends on your outfit! Whether you want to wear a short, tight dress or a pair of jeans or trousers, there's a pair of invisible knickers that's perfect for the job.

What to wear them with

The invisible knickers match our invisible bras so that absolutely none of your underwear will be at all visible. When it comes to choosing the colour, again it's a case of what you're wearing over the top: with darker, thicker garments you can indulge your tastes, whereas with lighter clothing you should go for neutral shades.

Invisible touch

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