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Intimissimi recycling is caring.
The paper of our packaging is made up of raw materials obtained from sustainably managed forests.
We are committed to using recycled material for packaging in all stores and online.
Reusable, recyclable, certified.


tons of disposable plastic saved thanks to the adoption of paper shopping and shipping bags



We care deeply for the environment, and we are committed to collecting and recycling used fabrics. Since 2011, we have been cooperating with different partners to give new life to used garments, reusing fabrics to create new products.

So far, we have collected around 8.5 million items. Just in 2021 we have collected 1.5 million of them.


Why do we promote reforestation projects?

Forests are essential for the protection and prosperity of biodiversity (variety of living species) in the world, moreover, trees perform a very important function of storing CO2 while carrying out photosynthesis. Through this chemical process, CO2 is stored in their wood.
These gases remain trapped in the wood even if the plant is dead, so the use of wood in construction and furniture is good for the environment if it comes from certified forests!

Why shouldn't trees be burned?

Even if dead, the trees should not be burned as they would release the carbon dioxide they stored during their life back into the atmosphere.

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