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Long Sleeve Pyjamas

Whether you’re relaxing at home after a busy day or getting ready for bed, our men's long sleeve pyjamas are just the thing to put you at ease. Soft and luxurious, these gents’ pyjamas are the perfect ingredients for a peaceful rest.


We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping - that’s a lot of time spent wearing pyjamas! This is why we believe your long pyjamas should be made of the finest materials such as silk, Supima cotton, and modal. These natural fibres are breathable and aid in regulating your body temperature while you sleep, creating the perfect conditions for a good night’s sleep. Our boxers and briefs are made from the same Supima cotton so that you can rest assured knowing you’ve given your body the best.


Wearing pyjamas doesn’t have to be confined to nighttime. Sleepwear is great for lounging around at home on the weekend, where the informality doesn’t require you to wear a pair of jeans instead. For snug sensations, layer a sweatshirt over the top to stay extra toasty.


Instead of that old t-shirt you’ve been using as nightwear, try out our coordinated pyjama sets for men. The two-piece sets are the elevated staples your evening routine is missing to take you from plain to polished. Our button-up pyjamas with contrasting piping are sure to make a statement. To complete your PJ look, wear one of our men's nightgowns for added warmth and refinement.


Men's long pyjamas will keep you cosy in the cold of winter. With long sleeves and long legs, these warm pyjamas will keep you covered from head to toe. Perfect for those chilly mornings when leaving the warmth of your duvet is a daunting prospect. Still cold? Then wear one of our tank tops underneath.

Long Sleeve Pyjamas

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