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Consapevoli della situazione di criticità che riguarda la nostra Italia, Intimissimi ha chiuso temporaneamente i propri negozi in tutto il territorio nazionale, per contribuire attivamente allo sforzo collettivo.

Per continuare a garantire il miglior servizio ai nostri clienti, le spese di spedizione per qualsiasi acquisto online sui nostri siti saranno gratuite fino al 03 Aprile 2020. Inoltre, il reso è sempre gratuito e prolungato a 60 giorni.


The mark of a stylish man is also evident from his socks. Long, short, plain or patterned - but always matching the outfit. All Intimissimi men’s socks are comfortable, good quality and made in Italy from premium yarns. On a special occasion, choose the ones made from cotton lisle - this is a superlative cotton formed of filaments which are extremely fine gauge, but tough at the same time, making them lightweight, breathable and fresh against the skin. Or another excellent alternative are socks in cashmere, silk and cotton - they perfectly bridge the gap between elegance and comfort. Intimissimi is with you every step of the way: buy the cotton trainer socks for your summer pursuits or sporting activities; they are available in all those staple basic colours, but also in bright patterns to add a fashionable edge to your look. And when the cold sets in, go for snug cosy fabrics like merino wool, an outstanding fibre that has an airy feel, or a cashmere-wool blend which makes the socks more comfortable and pleasant against the skin. If you don't like wearing wool, but you like to stay cosy and warm, opt for our thermal-cotton socks whose fleeced interior makes them thicker and a more effective shield against lower temperatures. Refresh your sock drawer and put all the pairs you want into your shopping bag. Be prepared for all occasions and buy long and short socks either in plain hues or patterned styles. Nothing could be easier to buy on-line than socks; all you need is your shoe size and then, one quick click and they will be speeding on their way to reach your address. Open the parcel wherever you are and slip them on!


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