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We have been allowed to open our stores for you again.

Since the safety of our customers and our employees is our top priority, we naturally took appropriate measures.


- Hand disinfection: All of our open stores have hand disinfectant dispensers. 

- Mouth and nose protection: we recommend you to wear a mouth and nose protection when visiting our stores.

- Safety margin: Since we are only allowed to let a limited number of customers visit our stores at one time, there may be short waiting times. We ask for your understanding. Please keep enough distance from others when waiting in front of the shop.
We also ask you to keep the safety distance in the store from other customers as well as directly in front of the cash desk. 

- Contactless payment: To provide additional protection, we would like to ask you to pay for your purchases in the store contactlessly using an ATM or credit card.


Our shipments won't stop, they will just slow down a little. Due to the contingent issues related to the Covid-19 emergency, delivery orders may have delays. We will do our best to ensure you have the best possible service.

Safe preparation and delivery of your order

We would like to reassure you that during both the preparation of orders and during delivery, the procedures can be adopted to ensure the safety of our collaborators and our community.

Payment upon shipment of the order

We remind you that once an order is placed, payment will be held by your credit card, and will be charged once shipping is confirmed.

Free and extended returns

We have extended the time for returning online orders to 60 days. If you have an order waiting to be picked up at a collection point or store, the order will be waiting for you.

Pending withdrawal

If you have an order waiting to be picked up at a physical store or collection point, it will stay put until you are ready to pick it up.

Customer service for you

Our customer service continues to stay by your side to resolve your doubts or requests, even if, due to the current situation, wait times may be longer.

In this shared difficult time, we thank you for your understanding for any delays. We are waiting for you on our website and you can continue to follow us on our social networks!

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